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Author: Bob Wyatt
Publisher: On The Fly, Nov 2010
Binding: DVD
ISBN: 0-OTF-20

11 proven designs from the vise of Bob Wyatt. These fly designs are based on the most important ?triggers? to a trout?s feeding response ? a fly?s size, shape & posture in the water. 90 min.

More Information
Wyatt regards these flies as 'Trout Ammo' - His style in unconventional and yet extremely effective. Each fly is designed to be highly robust and simple to tie while presenting the essential triggers.

Wyatts' famous Deer Hair Sedge: Mayfly variant and large terrestrial variant.
Wyatt's Deer Hair Emerger - Snow Shoe Hare emerger - Dirty Duster - Red Tag - Black and Peacock - Griffiths Gnat - Spent Spinner - Chironomid Buzzer

What Trout Want
Bob Wyatt has fly-fished for trout in North America, Europe and New Zealand since the 1950s, and has been a regular writer for FlyLife, and Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazines for many years. His book, Trout Hunting, challenged some conventional thinking regarding how trout work, and presented some fresh insights on why some great old flies continue to catch fish after a century or more of increasing fishing pressure. The reason is that, contrary to much expert opinion, trout are not getting smarter. If presented well, some fly designs are basically irresistible to a feeding trout.

Over fifty years of fly fishing has convinced Wyatt that a few basic designs will cover almost any fishing situation, and in most cases will catch fish better than specific patterns created for the so-called ?selective trout?. The reason they work so well is because of the way a trout?s brain works. These fly designs are based on the most important ?triggers? to a trout?s feeding response ? a fly?s size, shape and posture in the water. In fact, Wyatt regards a suggestive impression of a trout?s food to be far more effective than a close copy imitation. Presentation is the key. With these flies you can confidently fish for trout, anywhere they swim.

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