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Author: Roderick L. Haig-Brown
Publisher: SKYHORSE, Nov 2014
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-62914-525-4

In this book the author writes of fishing not just as a sport, but also as an art. He knows moving water & the life within it?its subtlest mysteries & perpetual delights. He is a man who knows fish lore as few people ever will, & the legends & history of a great sport. B/w illust., 9x11 inches, 400 pgs.

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Month by month, he takes you from river to river, down at last to the saltwater and the sea: in January, searching for the steelhead in the dark, cold water; in May, fishing for bright, sea-run cutthroats; and on to the chilly days of October and the majestic run of spawning salmon. All the great joy of angling is here: the thrill of fishing during a thunderstorm, the sight of a river in freshet or a river calm and hushed, the suspense of a skillful campaign to capture some half-glimpsed trout or salmon of extraordinary size, and the excitement of playing and landing a momentous fish.

A River Never Sleeps is one of the enduring classics of angling. It will provide a rich reading experience for all who love fishing or rivers.

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