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Author: Don Miller
Publisher: CreateSpace, Nov 2014
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-5002-3376-5

Written for the angler who wants to consistently catch large trout over 20 inches. Whether fishing with regular length fly rod or a specially designed 15?, 17? or 20? fly rod or a tenkara-style rod, Don Miller explains in detail the processes and flies that he uses to accomplish his mission. Color Photos; 8.5x11 inches, 182 pgs.

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His 40 years of learning how to catch that rare and elusive large, dominant, heavy-weight trout, that the ones very few fly fishermen ever catch, has been a never-ending pursuit? one that has caused him to endure many sleepless nights pondering: ?If I was a large trout needing large meals to sustain life and energy, plus being cautious and wary, where would I reside?? Once I discovered the answers to that question, I concluded that dapping was the only method that would work. If you apply all the techniques and methods described in this book over time, you too will succeed. Some you will learn now and others you will learn with experience. Some of the chapters in this book are: Pre-Locating the large trout; Locating; Stalking; How Trout See; Different Drift Techniques; Realistic-Tied Flies and Tying Equipment/Materials; Equipment for Dapping; Landing, Handling and Releasing Trout Alive; and Personal Thoughts and Tactics. I want to share my years of love and respect for large, older trout. Now, as I have aged, (I?m 74) I can understand and relate my knowledge and understanding better. I?m a perfectionist and it has helped me learn that no stone will go unturned in my pursuit of these large fish. Dapping requires full concentration of my basic ?stealth? fundamentals to succeed. I firmly believe that my techniques, thoroughly learned, will increase your knowledge, love and respect of, and for, the older large, dominant trout. I would rather catch and release one trout over 22? than 100 trout under 20?. These trout are special. Large trout get that way because of exceptional survival instincts. Fishermen seldom see them because the fishermen inadvertently betray themselves from 50 to 100 yards away. I believe that there are more large trout today than ever before due to catch-and-release fishing. And, due to so many anglers walking the paths along river banks and making all kinds of noise, catch-and-release fishing has actually made it more difficult to catch large trout. But by using my techniques catching the trout of a lifetime (repeatedly) is still possible. I seldom fish blind, and I sight fish only for large browns, rainbows and cuttbows. My experiences have provided me with the ultimate rewards?quietly observing large trout behavior in streams and learning the unique dapping techniques to take them primarily on large dry flies. The rewards are thrilling because they are all visual. I hunt the fish, present the fly in a special way, and watch the take using techniques that are as valuable today as they were in the 16th century. I?d like to explain them as my gift to new generations of fly fishers. My wife describes me as ?the extreme perfectionist.? That may explain my specialized behavior around trout streams.

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