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Author: George E. Maurer and Bernard P. Elser
Publisher: W.W. NORTON & COMPANY, Mar 2017
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-68268-030-4

Step-by-step guide to the craft of building handmade, heirloom-quality bamboo fly-rods. Each chapter begins with a list of tools & time needed to complete the step described. Photos & illus illuminate key points. 95 B&W illus; 8.5x11 inches, 256 pgs.

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Spurred in part by a quest for something authentic in a mostly synthetic world, more and more anglers are abandoning high-tech graphite fly-rods in favor of those hand-crafted from bamboo. Fly-anglers, most of whom tie their own flies, are now looking to make their own split-cane fly-rods. Bamboo is cheap, and the tools needed to build finished rods are simple and few. What is needed is patience, a steady hand, and a book that explains the process with clarity and detail. This is that book.

Co-author George Maurer has built some of the finest and most innovative bamboo rods seen in a generation. His student Bernard Elser explains this exacting craft in simple, precise steps. Each chapter begins with a list of tools and the time needed to complete the step described. Photographs and illustrations throughout illuminate key points of the process.

George E. Maurer
, a professional rodmaker, sells his rods and teaches his art through his company, Sweetwater Rods. His home is in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania.

Bernard P. Elser, a technical writer by trade, has apprenticed with master rod-builders George Maurer and Art Weiler. He lives in Somerville, New Jersey.

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