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Scientific Anglers UST - Hover / Intermediate

525 Grain (8-9wt)$41.97

Double Density

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This is a must-have and one of the most versatile lines for any angler chasing anadromous fish. If stealth is required, the double-density UST Hover/Intermediate sinking Scandi head provides it. Perfectly balanced so it will stay just below the surface.

  • Textured surface reduces friction in the water and allows for easier pick-ups for sinking lines
  • The taper design has most of the weight distributed at the back of the head with short rear tapers for easier rod loading and change of directions
  • Long front tapers designed to deliver flies at distance and in the wind
  • Designed for use with both conventional and poly leaders

Cold Water Type Medium Water Type Streamers
122245 6-7 WT 400gr / 25,9g 35’ / 10,7m
100045 7-8 WT 460gr / 29,8g 37’ / 11,3m
100052 8-9 WT 525gr / 34,0g 38’ / 11,6m
100069 9-10 WT 585gr / 37,9g 40’ / 12,2m
100076 11-12 WT 650gr / 42,1g 42’ / 12,8m


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