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Cohen's Carp Dubbing

Acapulco Red$2.50
Alfredo Cream$2.50
Blaze Orange$2.50
Cray Zee Olive$2.50
Cray Zee Orange$2.50
Martian Mean Green$2.50
Molting Grey$2.50
Northern Lights Black$2.50
Rain Forest Green$2.50
Rusty Nail$2.50
Stone Ground Mustard$2.50
The Olive Bar$2.50

We're in the Golden Age of fly-fishing for carp, and Pat Cohen's Carp Dubbing has been a star of the movement. It's a semi-coarse blend of Tri-Lobal, Ice Dub, Shaggy Dub and Scud Dub materials that Cyprinus carpio love. Smallmouth and largemouth bass dig it, too. The colors are terrific.

MFG# Color
CARP11 Acapulco Red
CARP2 Alfredo Cream
CARP10 Blaze Orange
CARP6 Cray Zee Olive
CARP12 Cray Zee Orange
CARP5 Martian Mean Green
CARP3 Molting Grey
CARP1 Northern Lights Black
CARP8 Rain Forest Green
CARP9 Rusty Nail
CARP4 Stone Ground Mustard
CARP7 The Olive Bar


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