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Chocklett's Finesse Body Chenille - Large

Bonefish Tan$4.33
Bubblegum Pink$4.33
Minnow Grey$4.33
Olive Brown$4.33

Blane Chocklett's articulated bait fish pattern really is a Game Changer, and this specially designed chenille makes it considerably easier to tie. Just wind it on in tight-touching wraps. It can also be used to make a sloping collar at the front of streamer patterns. The large size is for the big flies you throw to Esox, saltwater fish and the most aggressive browns.
MFG# Color
FINL11 Black
FINL31 Bonefish Tan
FINL44 Bubblegum Pink
FINL54 Chartreuse
FINL65 Clear
FINL235 Minnow Grey
FINL263 Olive
FINL265 Olive Brown
FINL271 Orange
FINL383 Yellow


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