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EP Brush - Crustaceous with Micro Legs

$11.30 - $16.50
$9.40 - $13.75
Back Country$13.75
Blue Crab$13.75
Toad Black/Purple$13.75
UV Day Glow$9.40
UV Everglades$13.75
UV Mantis Chartreuse$13.75
UV Olive$13.75
UV Pale Olive$13.75
UV Root Beer$13.75

The Crustaceous EP Brush is designed specifically for fly patterns that imitate crabs, crayfish, shrimp -- those non-fish denizens of fresh and salt water that make up a big part of the game fish diet. It's a dense brush of EP Fibers that trim beautifully for sculpted fly bodies (or heads of streamer flies), with micro-legs built right in for added attraction power, all on a stainless steel core that's easy to wind on and stays put. Six brushes per package.

MFG# Color
ECB2 Back Country
ECB3 Blue Crab
ECB4 Brown
ECB7 Mullet
ECB9 Orange/Purple/Tan
ECB14 Sand
ECB15 Sculpin
ECB16 Tan
ECB17 Toad Black/Purple
ECB18 Toad Black/Red
ECB20 UV Day Glow
ECB5 UV Everglades
ECB6 UV Mantis Chartreuse
ECB8 UV Olive
ECB10 UV Pale Olive
ECB12 UV Root Beer
ECB24 Warm Yellow
ECB23 White
ECB1 3-Tone


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