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TFO NXT Black Label Fly Reel

NXT Black II$119.95
NXT Black III$119.95

The NXT Black Label series of reels set a new benchmark for performance at an affordable price. Machined, cast aluminum frame, ported to reduce weight and featuring a machined handle drag knob and spool release for increased durability during rigorous use.

The NXT Black Label series utilizes a stacked, alternating disc drag system that delivers plenty of drag pressure, with no startup inertia. Easy LH/RH conversion (no tools needed) and all reels come packaged in a black neoprene pouch.

The three reel series is perfect for trout, warm water species and even light saltwater applications.

Model Description Diameter Width Weight Capacity
TFR NXT BLK I NXT BLK I Reel 4 2.90" .98" 4.3 oz 50 yards/20lb./WF4F
TFR NXT BLK II NXT BLK II Reel 5 3.38" .98" 4.6 oz 100yards/20lb./WF5F
TFR NXT BLK III NXT BLK III Reel 8 3.70" .98" 4.9 oz 125 yards/20lb./WF8F

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