Fly Fishing Trout Fly
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Fly Fishing Nymph

Holographic Flash

1/69inch Black$5.00
1/69inch Blue$5.00
1/69inch Olive$5.00
1/69inch Pink$5.00
1/69inch Purple$5.00
1/69inch Red$5.00
1/69inch Silver$5.00
1/32inch Blue$5.00
1/32inch Chartreuse$5.00
1/32inch Gold$5.00
1/32inch Green$5.00
1/32inch Olive$5.00
1/32inch Orange$5.00
1/32inch Pink$5.00
1/32inch Purple$5.00
1/32inch Silver$5.00

Extremely soft and thin, laser imprinted Mylar. Available in two formats: 1/32” for saltwater and warm water applications and 1/69” or extra fine is ideal for a number of patterns. 800 strands by 8 inches long.

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